About The Australian Shepherd


For the Love of Aussies!!

Australian Shepherds are an ideal family dog. They are very people orientated and love to be with you in whatever you are doing. They are very intelligent and trainable. Aussies are active dogs and require an active home/life style. Aussies can be shy and require good socialization as young dogs.


Colour! Colour! Colour!

Australian Shepherds come in three different colour classifications. A merle is is a mixture of red or black and white colours all over the body with with copper or white points. A tri is a solid colour all over the body in either black or red with copper and white points. A bi is a solid red or black all over and only white points. Be sure to ask a breeder when you are looking for a puppy what colour the parents are. If a breeder says both parents are merles, beware, they can have substantial hearing and eye problems.


They Come in Different Sizes!!

Aussies come in three sizes!

A Toy is 10" to 14" 

A Miniature is 14" to 18"

A Standard is 18" to 23"

Measurement are taken to the top of the shoulders