Welcome to SR Performance Horses & Australian Shepherds

Welcome to SR Performance Horses & Australian Shepherds

Welcome to SR Performance Horses & Australian ShepherdsWelcome to SR Performance Horses & Australian Shepherds




Savannah's dedication to raising strong healthy aussie's is unmatched. Her calm and caring nature transpires to providing confident and lovable puppies. Raised in her home and handled multiple times daily makes for a much smoother transition for the pups.

After an unfortunate gravely event with the previous breeder Savannah has worked with me to instill confidence in bringing home a new member of the family. She's far more than just a breeder she genuinely cares for the health and well-being of her pups and their new families! 

-Michelle Lee Pearce




We are so happy we decided to welcome a Toy Aussie into our home as our first puppy, and so glad we found you, Savannah, and SR Performance Horses & Aussies! Bringing home one of your beautiful pups was an amazing experience, and we’re thankful we got to be so involved as she grew big enough to come home—those early photos are priceless! 

Besides being absolutely the cutest, Vada has more personality and intelligence than any other breed I’ve spent time with. She learns so quickly—within minutes to a couple days, for the most part—and, before even a year old, we were able to teach her over 30 tricks, commands, words—some combined with hand signals—including counting to 3 (so far) using her paws! We’re working on many more. She’s silly and playful and full of energy, but is also content to relax and snuggle when we’re ready to. She’s also very in tune with our feelings and emotions, and even surprised us this summer (8 months old) when she seemingly detected and alerted us to my mom’s cat about to seize a couple minutes before it happened! 

Thanks, Savannah, for breeding such wonderful babies for families to add to their homes! If we decide to add another Aussie pup to our own home in the future, we’ll definitely be looking to you.

- Samantha Duguay 


Just wanted to give you an update on our pup. Had her to the vet for vaccinations yesterday and the vet had nothing but great things to say about her!! Great size, teeth, bite and personality!! Speaks to your breeding program for sure!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to raise such a great pup!! 

- Lisa Simmer